Websites exist to deliver information; most of them serve a marketing purpose. The owner of one website wants to inform the public of his homemade coffee tables and the cost of each. Another is created by a teacher for an educational purpose. There are websites for sharing family photos and videos. Twenty years ago creating one meant hiring an IT company; today anyone can learn how to make a website.

Defining the Purpose

Deciding what the site must accomplish is step one. An educational website may include interactive features. Marketing a product that expedites a process may require the use of how-to videos. A travel site needs more photographs than does a website centered on discussion. Besides having a vision of how users will interact with the site, sponsors must be clear on the following: kodulehe tegemine

-Available budget.

-Kind of content needed.

-What SEO is and why it matters.

Available Budget

Startup businesses usually operate on a tight budget. New entrepreneurs take advantage of website building companies that sell their services in grades. For instance, a business needing the ability to create a home-page plus three more, may get that much for zero out-of-pocket cost. Many of these packages include some bells and whistles, such as an RSS feed, navigation tools, and a video player. The hosting company offers these in the hope that customers will eventually want more, and upgrade to a paying subscription. Many offer a free thirty-day trial. There are companies offering educators and other nonprofit entities a fully functional site for free.

Kind of Content Needed

Web hosting companies offer domains within their, “.com,” domain. For example, a hosting company calling itself assigns members a domain name that ends in Then, the company assigns a client who sells creative ice molds the domain name,

Classroom teachers need a place where students can interact with the site, especially text. Word searches and other puzzles allow students to work with new vocabulary. Educational sites need the ability to upload printable files. Students print a copy of the assignment and turn it in physically. Another option is to create multiple choice assignments to be completed online. The student receives instant feedback.


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